It’s Wheelie’s Birthday!

07 Feb

February 5th 2014 was the day I officially registered Wheelie Good Coffee as a business. We are three years old!

The months that followed that simple registration were a mad scramble to build the coffee cart in time for the first outdoor markets in May. I was planning and designing on post-it notes from my desk at the office job! We learned a lot about plumbing that we never thought we’d need to know, and it was a very steep learning curve. We eventually managed to launch the business properly by making our first pour over coffees at the (rain soaked, cold) opening day of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival that year.

It’s been a fantastic journey – so far. The cart has evolved quite a bit since then; we have gone through different bikes to pull it, we expanded the range of drinks we can make and the overall design has been improved on several times to make it easier to tow. We also started roasting our own coffee, and we even managed to set up cosy winter digs at the Shriners’ centre.

The future of Wheelie is looking very bright, and we have lots of exciting new projects to come.

The Spring markets restart in March, so we hope to see you all there. We can’t wait to get started on the new season!

 Stay caffeinated folks!

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