A really lovely letter

04 Apr

Hello Annabel,

My name is ************ and I am the volunteer coordinator of Building
New Hope (BNH) in the states. Donna (our mutual friend and
crazy colleague) asked me to write to you because I am known as the
coffee guy. Inspired by the beautiful bean from the El Porvenir
cooperative in Nicaragua, I started my own espresso/cappuccino
catering business here in Pittsburgh and it is a phenomenal success
and a blast to do. I love it. I also supervise all the packaging and
coordination of coffee orders for a wonderful and loyal fan base for

It is a delight knowing you are in another part of the world working
in coffee and taking your time to volunteer for BNH. If you are ever
in Pittsburgh, look us up and we can do some kind of barista
fantastical event. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your kind
of support of the organization.

Fight the power, keep the peace,

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