Where good ideas come from?

23 Sep

My dear friend Anna sent me the following today:

Interesting stuff, although he is not the first to say it by a long way! Namely ME, three blog posts ago, and of course, Markman Ellis and whoever else I was quoting at the time. Still, the social space(cafe) + sufficient catalyst(coffee) = Good Ideas is a timeless concept. This may be one for Jason Simon and his Caffeinated Conversations.
Unfortunately, the modern interpretation is ‘good ideas’ generated through people meeting and chatting on social media. They may be sitting in coffee shops while they are doing it, but the original ethos of the Penny Universities  in “Oxford, England” (always sounds so odd! As opposed to Oxford, Ohio, I guess, but surely it should be Oxford, UK?) and indeed, Jason’s ‘tap me on the shoulder if you want to chat’ t-shirt, has been lost. Worse still, we then get $tarbuck$ bringing this to it’s (il)logical conclusion:
Starbucks’ Schultz: Social Media Is Key to Building Brand Trust |


Plans are most definitely afoot for my own cafe, and aside from excellent coffee, we’ll have a very unique talking point.
I really hope this is a good idea!

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