New Mission

16 Sep

I recently got a lovely email from a guy called Jason, who runs this blog:
Caffeinated Conversations | Start with Hello

This is a fabulous idea. Coffee naturally fuels conversation, but I would love to live in a world where that catalyst is not required. We should all make the effort to strike up conversation whenever we can!  Many of my closest friends – and indeed, my husband, are all people I’ve met through chance meetings where I could just have easily passed by and not spoken to them, and thus bypassing the opportunity.

Coffee shops are great for this sort of thing, but nowadays, most coffee shops are filled with people sitting hunched over their laptops, using the in-shop wifi to tweet or update their facebook status or instant message each other. (“I love my computer, my friends live in it!”) Whereas I do enjoy social networking like this, especially at the moment when chances to actually go out are hampered by Small Daughter -nothing really replaces face to face contact with other human beings.

Therefore, I am officially making it my Mission to somehow meet this guy face to face. He is in the States, but I’m not sure if it’s California or Seattle. Given past experiences, the universe has a very strange habit of throwing people together when you least expect it, so I think this WILL happen, someday, especially if I don’t really try and don’t force it.

In the mean time, I urge everyone to actually talk to whoever is sitting next to you next time you are in a cafe. Do it. It’s fascinating.

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