21 Feb

Right now I may actually be DYING… I am a pathetic snot filled monster, and although Carl is sympathetic, he daren’t come near me for fear of infection. Tiny Cheese, on the other hand, remains completely oblivious and is bouncing around inside me and gaily kicking the back of my navel without a care in the world. (That said, tonight’s activity could possibly be her objecting to the whole-body jarring sneeze attacks!).  On top of that, it is cold and has spent all day SNOWING. Again. Not the nice pretty sort, but the slushy, dirty wet stuff that turns everything into a miserable, phlegmy sort of greyness.

This is NOT the best start to a hectic week.

Tomorrow I have to sit on the iconic National Depress bus for 6 hours to get to Victoria in London, then pay some extortionate amount in order to negotiate the rush hour commute from there to Ickenham to camp on my friend’s sofa for the night. Then, I fly from Heathrow to JFK New York, to Miami, and then finally arrive in Guatemala city Wednesday lunchtime. Right now it is -3 degrees here in Darlo, 2 degrees in London, 8 degrees in New York, 21 degrees in Miami and 28 degrees in “Guate”. It feels very very strange wearing my woolly monster socks and two jumpers in the house whilst packing flip flops and tiny t-shirts and sunglasses.

I will have one day to myself (Thursday) in Guatemala City where I plan to go shopping for coffee in the Mercado Central or Mercado Artesanos, (now there’s a surprise!) and stuff my face on proper corn tortillas (woohoo!), and explore another Latino capital in the vain hope that its not as bad as Lima or Managua, nor as westernised, uninteresting and expensive as San Jose.  Then, I am ensconced in the conference . I hope it’s going to be interesting, and despite appearances, I do genuinely believe it will be useful for The Project in some way!

After three days of solid conference and the ANACAFE ‘gala’ evening (I packed a respectable maternity dress! eek!), I’ve got to make the excessively long return journey, leaving Guatemala at 8.30am on the Monday and not returning to my beloved Carl and ferrets until 10pm on the Tuesday…. but hopefully that will give me plenty of time to actually write a good sized chunk of the next thesis chapter whilst in transit….. everything can be justified really!

The lovely Anna has been blogging, and partially inspired by this – and by the fact I am taking my laptop with me for the first time – I am going to write up my adventures on here. Watch this space!

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One response to “Travels

  1. lovely Anna

    February 22, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I lost track of time – you’re in transit already! Looking forward to hearing how it went, and hoping you’re well… :o)


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