Everything I’ve learnt, I learnt from Foamy

30 Jul

These aren’t new but they need to be shared. This squirrel could write my thesis for me…. It is uncomfortably accurate at times, and sharing your neuroses with a falsetto cartoon squirrel doesn’t do much for your self-esteem!! Enjoy!!

(it does say “cookie crumb: $5.00” behind his head, in case you were wondering)

I just, like, love the guy’s voice? Like with that awful questioning intonation? Would you like a muffin with that?

And finally…. no more rants, just over-caffeinated streams of consciousness:

And yes… before I get floods of comments… I admit it. I am Germaine. This has already been pointed out on several occasions (particularly when my hair was purple!). I’m not sure I’m quite comfy with this alter ego, so please don’t reinterate it for now!

Disclaimer: Foamy and the content of these pieces are displayed for entertainment value only and the views expressed by Foamy, Germaine and any other characters do not necessary reflect the views of this research. Any similarities between these characters and other persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Copyright These cartoons are classed as adult in nature and could be considered offence and should therefore never be viewed by anyone, ever.

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