El Porvenir Coffee Co-operative Needs Help!

11 Jul

Just got this through from Donna in Nicaragua:


El Porvenir coffee plantation in Northern Nicaragua

El Porvenir coffee plantation in Northern Nicaragua

As many of you know, Building New Hope has been in a partnership with El Porvenir, a worker-owned organic coffee cooperative in Nicaragua, for the past six years. The delicious coffee you enjoy comes directly from this community and we are asking for your help to continue to make this possible.

Last May, tropical storm Alma wreaked havoc on part of El Porvenir’s coffee crop, wiping out several thousand plants and uprooting trees. The damage affected up to 25% of their next harvest.

The community is now in a desperate struggle to save as many plants as possible and is in need of immediate financial assistance to make this possible. Fifteen hundred dollars is desperately needed to save hundreds of plants from fallen branches and tree limbs that threaten their survival.

This community continues to make great strides in their development. They have been able to raise salaries and build new houses for everyone in the community. They plan to send more students to university next year and are planting ten hectares of cacao and another ten of avocado for long term community investment. This will help them diversify their income base.

But for them to continue to flourish, they must recover from this immediate, latest natural disaster. Whatever you can give — $10 or $100 — will go a long way in allowing Building New Hope and El Porvenir to continue to bring you some of the best coffee in the world and more importantly, help to ensure the economic livelihood of this community. If you can help the wonderful families of El Porvenir save their crop, please let us know immediately. We appreciate any assistance you can offer.

You can donate through our secure website at or send a check to Building New Hope, 106 Overton Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

Please note that the gift is for El Porvenir.

Thank you for your partnership and support as we continue to build hope with communities in Central America.

Your friends at Building New Hope

106 Overton Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

A 501 (c) (3) charitable organization at work in Nicaragua and El Salvador
Your donations are appreciated and tax-deductible.

A small group of committed people can make a big difference in our world.

Please help out if you can, this is a genuine plea. El Porvenir is where I am headed in November so I will keep this updated.

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